The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

These past few weeks have found this Pesto-preneur out and about but never too far from the kitchen.

Several weeks ago we trekked out to the Meadowlands to see U2 on tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Joshua Tree album. It definitely is easier to see a show in NYC but when U2 is in town, you get up and go! The opening act was The Lumineers. Before heading to Penn Station, we needed to eat.

I decided to make Paninis as they are easy to eat and extremely satisfying. I always have a huge selection of vegetables and decided to slice roasted golden beets, red tomatoes, red onion, cucumbers, and radishes. I had a beautiful head of red leaf lettuce, sliced mozzarella and ciabatta rolls. For the insides of the rolls, one side was spread with fresh Basil Pesto and the other with a blend of Dijon Mustard and Peach Jam. After the sandwich is assembled and the Panini Press is hot, three to four minutes is all that is needed to blend and melt these individual ingredients to create a mouthwatering meal. Hense, The Whole is Great!

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We arrived at The Meadowlands in time to see most of The Lumineers final performance on this tour, which was quite good. Their music has a folksy vibe with a rock and roll twist.

The Meadowlands Stadium fits close to 50,000 people. The evening air was crisp, cool, breezy and clear. Song after song from Joshua Tree sounded great. This same Thursday evening was DJT’s travel ban version 2. Bono eloquently voiced that We are a nation of immigrants, We are One. He made it clear how thankful he is to America for making the Irish safe and providing sanctuary for hundreds of years.

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One week later we found ourselves back in NJ, this time at the Prudential Center to see James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt. I may sound like a broken record but both of these artists are great on their own as well as when performing together.

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This past week found me making many Tomato Sandwiches, a favorite from our days in Atlanta when we would walk back to the garden and return with 10 plus pounds of various tomatoes. Tomato Sandwiches are so easy to make – great bread, ripe tomatoes, salt, Pesto, (of course), and Mayonnaise.

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A few days later, cleaning out the refrigerator I found a red onion, yellow and green zucchini, a large carrot, and one chicken breast. In the pantry I found one half a package of green tea noodles. Everything on the counter, my mind is spinning and I decide to pull out my Inspiralizer and create veggie noodles to add to the Green Tea noodles. I marinate the chicken breast sliced thin on the diagonal in leftover Kimchi Juice mixed with Soyaki Sauce to create an interesting Umami Sauce. The chicken marinates for about 30 minutes while I spiralize the vegetables. I pull out my wok, turn the heat to medium high. When a drop of water sizzles I know it is time to add a drizzle of canola oil, swirl it around and then wok the slices of chicken breast. They cook fast. When they are golden I move to a dish and wipe the wok out, drizzle another small amount of canola oil and add the veggie noodles. Within a minute or two they have softened and I add the pre-cooked green tea noodles and the chicken slices. Everything mixed together and the dish is plated hot and delicious.

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Everything I have just shared really is so much better as a result of all the people and all the ingredients being blended together into a whole.

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